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x s min bc ngy 30 thng 11 nm 2000

6. I will clothe thy body in raiment and.... —-———-———-———- 7. Mu-seri-ina-namari on hearing this 8. his fetters loosed .... The speech of Mua to Izdubar and the rest of the column are lost, the narrative recommencing on Column V. with another speech of Izdubar. Column V. (fragment). 1. .... to me 2. .... my ... I wept 3. .... bitterly I spoke 4. .... my hand 5. .... ascended to me 6. .... to me —-———-———-———- 7. .... hy?na of the desert 272 Column V. 1. Izdubar opened his mouth and said to Mu 2. .... my presence? 3. .... not strong 4. .... my face 5. .... lay down in the field, 6. .... of the mountain, the hy?na of the field, 7. Hea-bani my friend .... the same. 8. No one else was with us, we ascended the mountain. 9. We took it and the city we destroyed. 10. We conquered also Khumbaba who in the forest of pine trees dwelt. 11. Again why did his fingers lay hold to slay the lions? 12. Thou wouldst have feared and thou wouldst not have .. all the difficulty. 13. And he did not succeed in slaying the same; 14. his heart failed, and he did not strike .... over him I wept, 15. he covered also my friend like a corpse in a grave, 16. like a lion? he tore? him 17. like a lioness? placed .... field 18. he was cast down to the face of the earth 19. he broke? and destroyed his defence? .... 20. he was cut off and given to pour out? .... —-———-———-———- 273 21. Mu-seri-ina-namari on hearing this Here the record is again mutilated, but Izdubar further informs Mua what he did in conjunction with Hea-bani. Where the story reopens on Column VI. Izdubar relates part of their adventure with Khumbaba. Column VI. 1. .... taking 2. .... to thee 3. .... thou art great 4. .... all the account


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