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tai game dua ngua

Source global Wall Street Journal     time 2022-06-15 21:10:36
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tai game dua ngua

Some children are born in clover. 23. Her very first draught of vital air, It was not the common chameleon fare Of plebeian lungs and noses — No — her earliest sniff Of this world was a whiff Of the genuine Otto of Roses! 24. When she saw the light, it was no mere ray Of that light so common — so everyday — That the sun each morning launches — But six wax tapers dazzled her eyes, From a thing — a gooseberry bush for size — With a golden stem and branches. 25. She was born exactly at half-past two, As witness’d a timepiece in ormolu That stood on a marble table — Showing at once the time of day, And a team of Gildings running away As fast as they were able, With a golden God, with a golden Star, And a golden Spear, in a golden Car, According to Grecian fable. 26. Like other babes, at her birth she cried;


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