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nhc rap naruto

“Manuel Alcázar.” “How old are you?” “Twenty-one.” “Trade?” “Typesetter.” “Do you swear to answer the truth to all questions put to you?” “Yes, sir.” “If you do, then may Heaven reward you for it; if you don’t, may it visit proper punishment upon[305] you. What did you do on the day of the crime?” “On the night before, Vidal and myself, together with two women, went to see the execution of a soldier. After that we slept for a while in the morning, and at eleven I went with a woman to the restaurant near the Sotillo Bridge, where we had an appointment with Vidal.” “What relation are you to the murdered man?” “I was his cousin.” “Did you ever quarrel with him?” “No, sir.” “How did you make a living up to the day on which Vidal died?” “I lived on gambling.” “What did you do to live on gambling?” “I played with the money that was given to me, at the Círculo de la Amistad, and I handed over my winnings sometimes to Vidal and other times to a lame fellow named Calatrava.” “What offices did Vidal and this cripple fill at the Círculo?” “The Cripple was secretary to the Master, and Vidal was secretary to the Cripple.” “What’s the Cripple’s real name?” “Marcos Calatrava.” “Through whom did you come to know the Cripple?” “Through Vidal.” “Where?” “At the Majo de las Cubas tavern, over on the Calle Mayor.” “How long since is this?” [306] “A year.” “Who took you into the Círculo de la Amistad?” “Vidal.” “Do you know a fellow nicknamed El Bizco?” “Yes, sir.” “How do you come to know him?” “He was a friend of Vidal’s when we were kids.” “Wasn’t he a friend of yours, too?” “Friend? No. I never had any use for him.” “Why?” “Because he struck me as a bad one.” “Just what do you mean by that?” “What everybody means; that he was hard-hearted and that he tortured anybody who was weaker than himself.” “Have you a sweetheart?” “Yes, sir.” “Is she a public woman?” “Yes, sir,” stammered Manuel, trembling with grief and rage. “What’s her name?” “Justa.” “Where does she live?” “I don’t know. She left my house day before yesterday.” “Where did you get to know her?” “At the home of a ragpicker where I was a servant.”


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