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choi game ban ma kinh di

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choi game ban ma kinh di

"Has she any big guns?" "Yes, sar; she done h'ist two out ob her innards, and done took two more from de fort." "All right; I think we understand the situation up here," said Mr. Pennant, as he led the way in the direction from which they had come. They returned to the negro village, for the commander of the expedition did not feel as though he had yet finished his mission on shore. "Mind yore eye, Massa Gumboat!" exclaimed Job, in a low tone, but with great earnestness. 327 "Dar's somebody comin' from de fort! He's comin' mighty quick shore." The negro hurried the officer and Mike into one of the cabins, and shoved them into a sort of closet, while he went to the door himself. He passed out into the lane, as the man came into it from the middle of the field, for he had not been near enough to the shore to discover the boat. "Who dar?" called Job. "Soldier from the fort," replied the man. "What are you doing out here at this time of night?" "I done get sick, massa, and I's gwine up to de big house to see de doctor," replied the negro, who probably used the first excuse that came into his head. "The doctor!" exclaimed the soldier. "Is there a doctor there?" "I reckon dar's one dar if he done habn't leabe yisterday." "Then you can do my errand for me," added the soldier. "Yes, sar; what's dat, massa?" "One of our men is very sick, and we have no doctor. We are afraid he will die before morning, 328 and we want a doctor. Ours was ordered off a week ago." "I go for de doctor if he's dar," said Job. "Very well; I will go back and tell the sick man the doctor's coming," added the soldier. "That will give him a hope, if nothing more." "Dis nigger's 'feered de doctor done gone away." "If he isn't there, we can't have him; but hurry up, Uncle Job, and come over and tell us if he isn't there," said the soldier, as he hurried away as rapidly as he came, evidently believing that hope was a panacea to a sick man. As the soldier did not offer to come into the cabin, Mr. Pennant had come out of his hiding-place, and had heard all that was said by the soldier, even while he was in concealment. "Is there any doctor at the big house?" asked the lieutenant as soon as Job entered the house. "No, sar; all de family done leave, an' was gwine to New Orleans. Arter a while I go to de fort and tell de sodgers the doctor done gone," replied Job. "I will go with you, Uncle Job," added Mr. Pennant quietly. 329 "You, Massa Gumboat!" cried the negro. "De sodgers put de bagonet frou your crop like a knife frou a pullet's froat!" "Not if you tell them I am the doctor," added the lieutenant.


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