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xo so khanh hoa ngay 30/8

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xo so khanh hoa ngay 30/8

"You footed them up yourself." "So I did. But I will foot them up again." The young secretary did so. "According to your check book, you have a balance there of two thousand and three hundred dollars," he said, when he had concluded his calculations. "Exactly, and according to the bank rendering, made through Mr. Farley, the sum is seventeen hundred dollars--just six hundred dollars less. I cannot understand it." Robert shook his head slowly, for he was as much puzzled as the lady. "Let us look over the other accounts," he ventured. "Perhaps the money was transferred without a showing being made,--although I don't see how that could be." There were six other bank accounts, running up to many thousands of dollars, but each was correct to the cent. "You never drew a check and forgot to charge it up against the account, did you?" asked Robert. "There is the book. Aren't all the stubs filled--I mean those from which the checks have been detached?" Robert looked through the book with care. "Yes, every one is filled out," he said. "Then I don't understand it." Mrs. Vernon leaped to her feet suddenly. "Unless----" She stopped short. "Unless----" repeated Robert, and then he, too, became silent. Both had thought of Frederic Vernon at the same time. "I do not think he would do it," went on the lady, almost pitifully. "He has our family blood running in his veins. He would not be guilty of such a terrible crime." Robert said nothing, but he had his own opinion of the nephew who would plot to put his aunt in the insane asylum just to get hold of her money. "What do you advise, Robert?" she asked, as she began to pace the floor nervously. "I would advise you to send to Chicago at once for an accounting from the bank, giving the numbers of the checks you have really issued. If you don't want the bank to know that something is wrong, transact the business through Mr. Farley." "I will do so. I will send a cablegram to America this very day." Mrs. Vernon set to work to prepare her cablegram with great care. Of course, the sending of such a message way off to Chicago would be expensive, but just now she did not think of the money, she wanted to know the truth concerning the shortage. "If Frederic is guilty I will cut him off without a dollar," she said quietly, but so firmly that Robert felt she meant what she said. Robert was commissioned to take the cablegram to the nearest telegraph office which could forward it, and on the way he met Frederic Vernon, who was out walking. "Hullo, Frost, come and take a walk with me," said the young man patronizingly, as our hero approached. "Thank you, but I just as lief walk alone," answered Robert shortly. "Don't want to be sociable, eh? All right. Where are you bound?" "That is my business."


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