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x s ng nai

Fourth, emerald, of greenest shade, Fifth, sardonyx, was raised thereon; The sixth a ruby, as is said In the Revelation of St. John. John joined to these the chrysolite, The seventh gem in that basement; The eighth, a beryl, clear and white; The topaz, ninth, its luster lent; Tenth, chrysophrase, both soft and bright; Eleventh, the jacinth, translucent; And twelfth, and noblest to recite, Amethyst, blue with purple blent. The wall above those basements went Jasper, like glass that glistening shone; I saw, as the story doth present,— The Revelation of St. John. I saw, as John doth clear devise: The great stones rose like a broad stair; Above, the city, to my eyes, In height, length, breadth appeared four-square; The jasper wall shone amber-wise, The golden streets as glass gleamed fair; The dwellings glowed in glorious guise With every stone most rich and rare. Each length of bright wall builded there For full twelve furlongs' space stretched on, And height, length, breadth all equal were: "I saw one mete it," writeth John. XVIII As John doth write more met mine eye As John doth write more met mine eye: Within each wall were set three gates; Twelve in succession I could spy, Portals adorned with bright gold plates; Each gate a single pearl saw I, A perfect pearl, as John relates. On each a name was written high Of Israel's sons after their dates, The oldest first, as the story states. Within those streets by night or noon, Light beams that not one hour abates; They needed neither sun nor moon. Of sun or moon they had no need; For God Himself was their lamp light, The Lamb their lantern was indeed; From Him the city shone all bright. Through wall and dwelling my looks might speed, Such clearness could not hinder sight. Of the high throne ye might take heed, With draperies of radiant white, As John the Apostle doth endite;


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